Buy, Sell or List Your House in Central Florida

Buy, Sell or List Your House in Central Florida Hey, what’s up, everyone? Frank from Frank Jr Buys Houses. Boom, baby! Happy Friday, beautiful day in Deltona, Florida. Happy Valentine’s Day weekend. Hopefully, you have a chance to hang out with somebody you love, or at least like. Wearing red in honor of Valentine’s Day, … Continued

Home Seller Options with a House That Needs Some Love

Home Seller Options with a House That Needs Some Love So I’m a licensed agent and sometimes I buy houses myself, just depends. This customer reached out, “Hey, Frank, I need to sell my house. I need some help.” And so we came out here and we talked to him, met with him. And the … Continued

How to Select The Right Companies for Home Owners Insurance

Frank: Hey, what’s up everyone. Frank from Frank Jr Buys Houses here on a beautiful Friday in Central Florida in St. Cloud, actually today. Really bothered this morning because a customer reached out and when we go to help customers, we consider that we’re their advocates. So we’re going to help them in whatever situation…

How Current Events Are Impacting Home Sellers in Orlando

We’re living in a crazy time! Learn how current events are impacting home buyers and sellers in Orlando and what you can do to sell your house as quickly as possible! At the time of this writing, we are still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. This pandemic has changed how things are done across … Continued

6 Things They Don’t Tell You When Listing Your House in Orlando

Ready to sell your house? Before you hire an agent and commit to a listing agreement, learn about these 6 things they don’t tell you when listing your house in Orlando! Listing your house in Orlando can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Between the prep work, the holding costs, and the expenses you’ll face … Continued

Tips When Selling Your Home

Jenny: Hey, this is Jenny with Jenny Buys Houses. I’m here with Frank, with Frank Junior Buys Houses, holding the camera. Frank: What’s up? Jenny: And we’re at our latest renovation. It’s getting ready to go on the market this Friday. So I thought I’d give you some quick tips on how to improve your…

Should I Get an Inspection

Frank: Hey, what’s up everyone. Frank from Frank Jr. Buys Houses. I’m here with my friend Andrew Braun from… Andrew Braun: ARB Home Inspections. Frank: Yeah. So we’re here in central Florida, and this is a house that we’re in the process of acquiring. And as we always do, I have my friend Andrew come…

What To Do With Your Expired Listing In Orlando

Are you dealing with an expired listing in Orlando? We can help you with a fast, fair, and simple solution! Find out how easy the process can be! We’ll buy any house right away, making the selling process much easier than you’d think! For a homeowner who wants to sell a house in Orlando, dealing … Continued