6 Ways We Help People Sell Their Home

1. We can pay cash. Get your money in your pocket quickly.

When a homeowner sells a home, traditionally the seller puts the home on the market and an offer is made by a buyer. It is essential that the buyer is pre-approved so the seller can be sure the buyer can get financing for the purchase. The buyer must have a loan to finance the sale or pay cash. Issues may arise that can take time and delay the sale if anything happens to the buyer’s financing prior to closing the deal. The financing can fall through late in the transaction resulting in a waste of time and receiving proceeds from the property sale.

We give the seller a cash offer for the home. If the seller decides to accept the cash offer we can move quickly to close and get the cash in hand.
This is a very powerful source of help for those who need to sell quickly and be guaranteed funds immediately.

Accepting a cash offer gives the seller the freedom and power to make plans and use your cash immediately.

2. We can help avoid expensive repairs because we buy homes “as-is”

In a traditional home sale, a seller may or may not decide to conduct a pre-sale inspection to see what they need to repair prior to taking offers. The prospective buyer may require an inspection as part of the contract. Either way someone is paying for an inspection. If the seller has an offer and there were items on the inspection report, the buyer may ask the seller to pay and have the items repaired. The repairs may be minor or there could be costly repairs. This will not only delay the closing waiting until repairs are made and inspected, but there is the cost of the repairs.

At Frank Jr. Buys Houses, we make cash offers on a house in its present condition, as-is, without requiring repairs to be made. This saves the seller both time and money.

3. We help people save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

When the seller of a home signs a contract to list a home with a real estate agent, the seller is agreeing to pay the fees and commissions. The commission could vary.
You will know the percentage you will be paying for commission when you sign a contract. If you are selling a home, you usually pay commission from your sales proceeds.

As an example, if a real estate commission was 5%, and if a house sold for $300,000.00 the commission would set the seller back $15,000.00.

When you sell your home to Frank Jr. Buys Houses, you do not pay any fees or real estate commissions.

4. We can help avoid having strangers walking through your home.

When a homeowner puts their home on the market, it is there for the world to see. When you sign a contract, you agree to let anyone come through the home. Most real estate agents do an excellent job of vetting prospects before showing a home. Still, complete strangers are touring your home. That is really the goal, to get buyers to the home, but there is still that uncomfortable feeling knowing strangers are in your home.

When Frank Jr. comes to your home to make an offer, it is usually just Frank, or in some cases a partner or one other necessary person. You can be sure only professionals will come to your home.

5. We can help people save thousands on closing costs.

If you are visiting our blog for the first time and have not visited the other pages on our site, you may have missed this sample fee chart we have created to give clarity as to how fees are paid in a transaction. You can get details here. In a typical transaction the seller of the house will receive a breakdown of all costs and fees associated with the transaction. Closing costs can be expensive. (Remember that big real estate commission above? Don’t forget to add it into the rest of the costs.)

When Frank Jr. makes an offer to purchase a home the seller does not pay anything. Frank Jr. takes into consideration everything financial and makes the offer that reflects the seller paying absolutely nothing.

6. We can help people focus with moving on with their lives

One common important goal most people have is to get their home sold so they can move quickly on with their life. Whether it is retiring, moving to a bigger home, downsizing, financial difficulty, or other reasons, a timely smooth process is important. Helping people in whatever stage of life or situation they are in is a primary goal when Frank Jr. buys a home cash.
The goal is to make the offer and help the seller move on fast. You can see how the process works by clicking here.
If a very quick smooth process is key in a transaction, selling a home the traditional way is anything but smooth and fast. Most transactions work out fine, however, there is no fast way to close. In a typical sale process, there is a title search by the closing title company, the buyer financing and the lender preparing documents, etc. It is not as fast as selling for cash with no contingencies.

If you are considering selling your home and you are interested in the process described here, it costs nothing to make a phone call and get information. You can ask questions and schedule an appointment if you choose to do so. Consider which process works best for your unique situation.

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