Home Seller Options with a House That Needs Some Love

Home seller options with a house that needs some love

Home Seller Options with a House That Needs Some Love

So I’m a licensed agent and sometimes I buy houses myself, just depends. This customer reached out, “Hey, Frank, I need to sell my house. I need some help.” And so we came out here and we talked to him, met with him. And the house needed a lot of love to say the least. And so we always present offers to people, cash offers where we buy it ourselves and then we flip it or then we’ll use it for a rental or whatever.

In this particular case, the seller needed more money than what we could pay, because there was just so much to do. So after going through all the numbers with him, giving him options, we said, “Hey, why don’t we list this for you, because that’ll be the best money for you,” and so we did that.

Well because we’re investors, we’re connected to a lot of investors. And so we were able to find an investor who bought this house and was able to pay the seller more money than what we could pay. And then the investor’s in the process of fixing this up. So the seller got more money than they would have. We were able to find an investor and list it for him. And now the investor’s working on it. And then once the investor’s finished, they’ll be able to flip this house.

What we love about what we do is we just bring options. We don’t come to a house thinking, “Hey, we’re going to buy this ourselves,” or, “We’re going to list this ourselves for the customer,” the customer decides. And so we can do it a few different ways and that’s how we roll. So you reach out to us, man, we’re going to come and take a look at it and see what’s best for you.

The advantage is, is that we can go whichever way works best for the client. And that’s what happened here. Seller worked out, he got the most money possible. Investor’s going to work out. And then somebody is going to have themselves a fully rehabbed house, and a lot of people wanting those. It’s great being in this business.

Have a great day.

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