Should I Get an Inspection

Should houses be inspected before we buy them?
Video Transcription

Frank: Hey, what’s up everyone. Frank from Frank Jr. Buys Houses. I’m here with my friend Andrew Braun from…

Andrew Braun: ARB Home Inspections.

Frank: Yeah. So we’re here in central Florida, and this is a house that we’re in the process of acquiring. And as we always do, I have my friend Andrew come who’s a professional home inspector, and he comes and inspects all of our houses just to be sure that everything’s good. Now, in case you see this in the future and wonder what’s with the mask and the gloves, it’s, uh, Cinco de Mayo, May, 2020, and we’re just making sure that we’ve got face masks on and gloves.

So, some people have asked, “Hey, are people still buying houses? Are you guys still in business?” And the answer is yes, we are. We’re still doing business. So is Andrew. And this is an example of one house that we just helped the customer who wanted to sell it quick and move on. And so, we’re in the process of doing that. And there’s other houses that we’re willing to buy as well. So we’d love to help you. We’re still rolling. So if you’re interested and want to talk, we’d love to just walk through, you know, if something makes sense to work between us.

But today I would like Andrew to just talk through, should a person inspect a home before they buy it? And if so, what are some of the things that they should do in the process?

Andrew Braun: Always. A home inspection is pretty much for your interest as a buyer. You kind of want to know what you’re getting yourself into. You want to put yourself in the best position. In case you find something, you would rather at least be able to negotiate before than of course afterwards.

So, a home inspection covers you from past, present, and sometimes even future. Past tense, we’re looking up all the permits and any information about the house just to make sure it was done, and done well. Present, we go the extra mile going into the attics, places that you don’t want to go into-

Frank: Exactly.

Andrew Braun: … like crawl spaces, opening up electrical panels. So, just giving a thorough look at everything that you need. And future, looking out for those maintenance items that might become big things if you don’t take care of them. So it’s always good to have a home inspection so you’re prepared and know what to do.

Frank: Yeah, and I know many times lenders require inspections-

Andrew Braun: True.

Frank: … but many times people buy houses for cash. And so when you’re using your own cash and you buy it, you may not be required to have an inspection. Usually you’re not. But for what it costs to do it and what Andrew has saved… So many times I’ve been thinking about buying a house, and Andrew inspects it for me and then finds something that I couldn’t see, that we couldn’t see in walking through the home. And then we’re able to address it at that time. So it’s really, really important. And I would encourage everyone… On every house that I ever buy, anyway, I always have an inspection, because that little bit of expense to know that there’s-

Andrew Braun: Peace of mind.

Frank: … no surprises after closing.

Andrew Braun: Exactly. No surprises. Yep.

Frank: Because you know you can walk into some real big surprises, right?

Andrew Braun: Oh, yeah. All the time. Even in brand new houses I’ve seen some stuff. We seen a house the other day that was brand new, it didn’t have insulation in the attic.

Frank: Oh, wow.

Andrew Braun: Things like that. It’s a big thing, you know. Your electric bill goes up and everything else. So it’s all about protecting you.

Frank: Yeah. It’s all about protecting you. So get an inspection, whether you work with somebody like Andrew or with someone else. I’d highly recommend that on any property that you use. And if you’d like to talk about how we might help you, or just talk through… Because we do two things at least: We buy some houses for cash, some houses we list, because we’re also licensed agents. So it just depends on what’s best for the customer. But we’d love to help you. Even during this crazy time, we’re ready to help you. Have a great day.

Thanks, Andrew.

Andrew Braun: All right. Take care, you guys.

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