Should I Have Pull Permits When Work Is Done To My House?

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Should You Pull Permits When Having Work Done On Your House?

Hey, what’s up, everyone. Frank from Frank Jr Buys Houses. Hey, happy Saturday to you here in central Florida. Beautiful day. We’re at a customer’s house that we’re actually getting ready to show and so excited that this customer is going to do well in selling their house. Here’s one thing that I see, I get into a lot of houses every week, and often more frequently than not, the customer has had improvements done to their home, different things repaired along the way, and the people that repair them many times will ask, do you want this permitted or not? When you don’t get something permitted, it’s usually cheaper, less expensive, but not a lot per se, but there are steps that you have to go through when you get something permitted.

However, when you’re the homeowner and then later down the road, you want to sell your house, a buyer is going to look for all the major things that were done, that they were permitted so that they know it was done correctly.

pull permits on a home improvement project

Many times when we think we’re going to save some money in the moment, when you get down the road and you want to sell your house, now it becomes an issue and a question, and I’m actually dealing with some houses where we’re having to go back through and try to figure out permitting and what needs to be done before the house can be sold. I would encourage you as much as possible to get repairs permitted. It doesn’t take that much longer, but you’re going to know that it’s done correctly and that when you go to sell it, you can defend what you say you’ve done.

Especially in today’s world, the buyer’s agents will look online to see if the repairs were done and if they were done and permitted correctly. So you just want to do that, to protect yourself. That way, when it’s time to sell, you don’t have any issues. You can show everything that’s been done correctly and then you have peace of mind that it was done the way it’s supposed to be.

When the County gets involved or whatever, I know at times it can be difficult. Trust me, I’ve worked with plenty of counties and they can be difficult, but they are also trying to protect our interests, and so, as a homeowner, I want to be sure that I’ve got it done correctly so that whenever I decide to sell… And I know, listen, I bought a house before, and I said, I’m never leaving this house. And guess what? About eight years later, I sold it.

There is going to come a time whether we live in it until we pass or whatever, where the house needs to be sold and somebody is going to have to deal with the things that are not permitted. It’s so much easier.

I would encourage you as much as you can get everything permitted, that way you’re ready to sell, you can get full price, and be able to defend what you’ve done. Have a great day.

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