Tips When Selling Your Home

Tips when selling your home from my partner #Ginnybuyshouses
Video Transcription

Jenny: Hey, this is Jenny with Jenny Buys Houses. I’m here with Frank, with Frank Junior Buys Houses, holding the camera.

Frank: What’s up?

Jenny: And we’re at our latest renovation. It’s getting ready to go on the market this Friday. So I thought I’d give you some quick tips on how to improve your house, or if you’re getting ready to sell how to make it show well. There are some really easy things that you can do to help a new buyer come in and feel like the home is open and spacious and ready to move in. So first things first, obviously you have to get it clean. But past that, this home had a lot of wallpaper. So that was step number one. We had wallpaper removal. Because I can tell you as a realtor, people come in and they see wallpaper and they turn right back out because it’s such a process.

So it’s well worth the money to just hire somebody, or if you’re good at it yourself, to just take down the wallpaper. The other thing this home had going on, was it was from the 90s. And at that time, lots of colors, or lots of varying tones of monochromatic colors was really popular. But in this instance we wanted light and gray. That is kind of the trend right now is to go light and bright, open and airy. So we just painted it a nice Sherwin Williams, Shoji White, and touched up all the trim in the house. So it really makes it quite big. And it has been a huge difference. The other thing that we did, and I can walk you here into one of the rooms, is when you’re talking about a home in the 90s, a lot of them have really dated fixtures.

So we didn’t do every single fixture, but the things that make a big difference, are things like ceiling fans. Because they collect so much dust and they’re kind of gross. So just doing that simple thing and painting a room makes it look brand new. And the bathrooms were already updated here. We didn’t really update anything new, just putting new ceiling fans throughout all the bedrooms. There was one we couldn’t catch because of the height. Ceiling fixtures, light fixtures. The other thing we did was we replaced all the door knobs, and the hinges of the doors, because they were brass. And that really updates a space. When somebody has to come in and change out all these things. It’s not like it’s a ton of money, but it’s a lot of time. And those are simple little things that make a house feel new.

So the other thing I did, which I could show you it in the pool, but it’s getting kind of dark is, in the kitchen, all the pantry shelves are those wire racks that are really common in a lot of houses, and they get kind of grimy over time. So if you have a pool or access to a pool or even a large container, put a little bleach in it, soak them. Soak them, I’ve had these in here for a day and I’m going to leave him for another day. It just kind of takes off all the grime, off of them. And I’m just going to put them back on the shelf, easy peasy and we’re done. So these are some great tips on how you can improve your house and let it show well. Thanks.

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