Transparency and Options to Sell Your Home in Orlando, Florida

I started buying houses in Cuba when I was in Miami doing a mission work for a church there and we were buying houses helping Pastors. Then I moved to Central Florida and started buying houses to rent. We’re also licensed agents because sometimes you need to be both to have options. So, we provide options.

How can you decide who you’re going to work? There’s all kind of options out there. There are billboards, signs on the street, we buy houses signs and investor signs. How do you figure out who to work with?

I would love for you to work with me. I understand business and understand working with people, and I’m very committed to helping you do what’s best for you.

I can tell you I’ve been in hundreds of houses at this point, and I didn’t work with everyone. I’m a fit for some, I’m not a fit for others.

Our process is; we can talk, we come out look at the house with no obligation. Maybe 30 40 minutes, then we figure out if we can help you, and if we’re the answer for you. If we’re not the answer I’ll help you find the answer or the person who is the right answer. I’m not for everyone, but I am for some. People work with me for many reasons.

I’m trusted in my community, I’ve been in the Orlando area for five years. If I give you my word you know we’re going to make it happen.

With my expertise in buying and selling houses, I can figure out once we go in how we can help you. I may bring a partner in or somebody with me to look at it just to be sure. Once we give you a price and commit to what we’re going to do then we’re going to do it. and so, you know we

We have knowledge and expertise, and we work with a good team of lenders and title companies.  We have a good team around us to make it happen based on whatever we agreed to with you.

I make the selling process easy. We agree we agree on something we put down we put a deposit and we turn the give the agreement over to our Title Company.

To accommodate you if you need to work remotely, they can send you mobile notaries. Some sellers ask about the timeline. I’ve seen it done as quick as six to eight days and sometimes it takes longer, it just depends your unique situation and what all goes on involved.

You send your information to the title company they send you the money direct. We pay them they pay you. It’s not complicated.

Sometimes if we have to involve probate, we reach out to different people or the processes that need to be handled.

I am available by email, phone, and text. We’re very communicative we know that when we’re working with a customer.

We want to give you options. I’ll show you what I you to make out of the house or what I’ll make out of the house. I’ll show all this to you, so you’ll have complete transparency.

People have told me they just want to sell the house and move on. There have been times where people have said they want me to sell this house for them, and we can do that as well. We buy condos We Buy Mobile Homes if you own the land underneath it, we buy a single family up to quad plexus. So, we’re all in the residential real estate world and we’re we’ve worked with all kinds of properties. Properties in rough condition that need a lot of love to properties that are in pristine conditions, and everything in between.

The main goal is we want to be sure you get what you need. Our goal is to help you figure out what you need and then once you figure that out, we do that together.

I love working with people, I love helping people, and I love meeting people.

I understand when you need to sell, and it’s a big financial decision, usually it’s the biggest financial decision people will make, I want to do what’s best for you in your unique situation.

We offer full transparency. If you would lie to discuss how we can help, contact us today.

Transparency and options to sell your home in Orlando, Florida
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